Shake It Up

by Katie King |

Shake It Up


Sometimes you just need to shake things up a bit to keep the reader engaged.

Fiesta Pensacola asked the EW Bullock team to develop a new design to infuse a sense of excitement and energy into their schedule of events brochure.

EW Bullock designed a new, modern look to show off Fiesta Pensacola’s legacy events in its annual tri-fold brochure. We chose angular lines and vibrant, primary colors to catch the reader’s eye and draw them to key information points.

We love a print design challenge. It’s like a puzzle that we get to design. We find the right images and graphics to tell the story, edit the copy, making it brief and clear, add in the required elements such as logos and website addresses, and then put it all together in a way that paints a complete picture for the reader.

If you’re stuck with a design challenge, we’d love to help you solve it.

Check out the new Fiesta Pensacola brochure below.

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