Our Services

We believe a total integration of communications is
vital to the success of a business.

Market Insight

We are dedicated to the principle of sound research and strategic development as essential elements in creating fresh, enlightened and successful solutions to marketing communications problems. We continually assess markets while conducting research and gathering information on economic, media, social and business trends that affect our clients.


With a depth of expertise, EW Bullock offers its clients a wide variety of research opportunities. Meticulous in the research process, we put extensive effort into clarifying its purpose, its objectives and in determining the appropriate methodology. This attention to detail ensures the research translates into strategically sound, effective and efficient marketing programs.

Strategic Planning

EW Bullock offers significant experience in strategic marketing communications planning. We develop a detailed research overview and situation analysis outlining challenges and opportunities, defining objectives and strategies, identifying demographic and geographic target markets, crafting creative strategies, and detailing media and public relations tactics.

Media Planning

The challenges of connecting with your customers have never been greater. Efficient media planning and buying across media platforms is critical because advertising must be focused on the right audience, at the right time and in the right place.


We analyze our client’s business and competitive environment before comparing it to a heavily researched, target-market analysis. Media profiles and options are evaluated against defined targets and objectives, allowing for effective media plans and cost-efficient spending.


Our working relationship with media — print, broadcast and interactive – is a close one and we have a well-deserved reputation for being tough, exacting and very particular in serving our clients’ interest.

Branding & Design

EW Bullock has extensive experience and in-depth skills in developing brand identity and communications solutions. Over the years, we have received more than 500 advertising design awards and recognitions.


Our expertise empowers us to develop effective creative solutions across every touchpoint a consumer has with your business. EW Bullock offers full, in-house capabilities for TV and Streaming, Online/Mobile Digital Advertising, Social Media, Print, Billboards, OOH (Out-Of-Home) Executions, Radio, Websites, and more.


For advertising to succeed it must have a strategy based on thorough research and a detailed understanding of advertising communications. Simply put, good ideas are the result of doing your homework.


We are never finished, we are never totally satisfied. We view advertising as an art—the art of stimulating thought or action, and in this sense, there is a constant process of learning and synthesis that does not shut down.

Public Relations

Public relations is sometimes overlooked as a marketing communication strategy, yet it encompasses a broad range of tactics that can significantly boost an organization’s visibility while positively enhancing other marketing communications tactics.


We specialize in media relations and in enhancing your company’s image in consumer, trade, and national and regional media outlets. When integrated within a larger campaign, public relations tactics can generate a positive ripple effect that contributes added value.


Digital & Social

Social media affords a number of opportunities for companies to engage with current and prospective customers. With the myriad of options available it helps to have expert advice on developing goals, strategies and tactics for establishing and maintaining a social media presence. EW Bullock can guide you through the process and teach you the tools of the trade, helping you make the most of your presence in the social media environment.