Leave No Trace Behind on Pensacola Beach This Memorial Day Weekend.

by Katie King |Katie@ewbullock.com


Leave No Trace Behind on Pensacola Beach
This Memorial Day Weekend
Pensacola Beach, Fla. – (May 18, 2020) – In an abundance of caution related to the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the Santa Rosa Island Authority (SRIA) wants to remind locals and visitors that all events on Pensacola Beach have been canceled for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Large gatherings are prohibited and all social distancing guidelines remain in full effect.
“The SRIA enjoys welcoming all visitors to our beautiful beach, but in accordance with state and federal guidelines, there will be no events or mass gatherings allowed this weekend in order to prioritize the health, safety and welfare of the public,” said Paolo Ghio, executive director of the SRIA.
Pensacola Beach is open to the public sunrise to sundown. All beachgoers must be in groups of 10 people or less and remain at least six feet apart from all others sharing the beach.
The SRIA reiterates that the Leave No Trace Behind ordinance remains in full effect on Pensacola Beach, which includes: no overnight camping on the beach; properly disposing of all trash and removing all items and personal belongings from the beach at night; filling in any holes and knocking down all sand sculptures at day’s end to remove obstacles blocking sea turtle nesting activity.
“May marks the start of sea turtle nesting season on Santa Rosa Island,” furthered Ghio. “So it’s vital that all beachgoers follow the ordinance and remember to leave only their footprints behind.”
Additional law enforcement officers and lifeguards will be on hand to monitor the beach this weekend and reinforce all rules and regulations.
The free Pensacola Beach Island Trolley will resume its services starting Friday, May 22, as regularly scheduled, following the same public safety protocols observed by the Escambia County Area Transit buses.

The SRIA wishes everyone a safe Memorial Day.
Pensacola Beach is owned by Escambia County, Fla., and is under the direction of the Santa Rosa Island Authority (SRIA). The SRIA was created by the Florida legislature in 1947 under Chapter 24500. The SRIA does not receive tax support from the taxpayers of the county. It is fully funded from lease fees collected from business and residences on the beach. The SRIA board is made up of six members; five are named by members of the Escambia County Board of Commissioners whose term is the same as the commissioner who appointed them. Registered voters on Pensacola Beach elect the sixth member. The elected member’s term is two years.

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