Have Fun. Be Safe. Respect.

by Katie King |Katie@ewbullock.com

Have Fun. Be Safe. Respect.

Recently, EW Bullock was tasked with promoting Pensacola Beach as a family-friendly, safe and fun spring break destination and to help the SRIA and ECSO highlight spring break safety rules in order to reduce incidents of underage drinking, public intoxication, blocked roadways and other issues associated with spring break crowds.

Utilizing a mix of public relations, printed materials, digital advertising, and paid and organic social media messaging — we created a marketing and PR campaign focused on spring break safety. In order to best reach the high school and college-aged target audience, we chose to utilize the social media video platform Tik Tok, which skews to younger users. We collaborated with the Pensacola Beach Lifeguards to create a quick, funny and easy-to-watch video loop highlighting some commonly-asked questions and the do’s and don’ts of Pensacola Beach etiquette. The overall message: Have Fun. Be Safe. Respect the Beach.

We think it turned out really fun! Watch here:







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