Gulf Breeze Zoo Experiences Baby Boom

by Katie King |

Gulf Breeze Zoo Experiences Baby Boom

Gulf Breeze, Fla. (May 2, 2022) – The Gulf Breeze Zoo has experienced a baby boom in recent months and is excited to spotlight the recent births of a male orangutan and a female reticulated giraffe at the park.

Satu, whose name means fairy tale, marks the second orangutan birth at the Zoo in less than six months.  The baby is doing exceptionally well under the gentle care of his experienced mom. He and Sara can often be viewed from the boardwalk overlooking the orangutan island.

Isadora, a female orangutan, was born on September 11, 2021, and needed to be raised by animal care specialists at the park because of maternal issues with her mother. Isadora, nicknamed “Izzy” by her caretakers, is healthy, thriving, and hitting every milestone for an almost 8-month-old orangutan.

“She is very curious about everything and everyone, especially the newest member of the orangutan congress, Satu,” said Jamie McMaster, Gulf Breeze Zoo Director. “She’s eating solids daily. She munches on the adult’s primate biscuits and loves cucumber, carrot, sweet potato and banana.”

Gulf Breeze Zoo animal care specialists have been reintroducing Izzy to the other orangutans. She gets supervised time with them several times a week. It is very important that she knows that she is an orangutan.

She and Satu will serve as important ambassadors for their species.

“The births of Satu and Isadora in such a short time here is a really big deal for our zoo, and species conservation as a whole,” said McMaster. “These great apes are critically endangered and risk extinction in the wild, so we are trying to ensure future generations survive.”

The Zoo now houses eight orangutans. In the wild and in captivity, they can live into their late 50s.

Kora, a female reticulated giraffe, was born at the park on February 18 to mom, Kenya, and dad, Jigsaw. Kora can now be seen on exhibit and can usually be found in the company of Greta, a 2-year-old female born at the zoo in 2020, and they are becoming fast friends.

“Kora’s birth is also a blessing for our zoo. Reticulated giraffes are currently suffering an alarming population decline in the wild, as well,” said McMaster.

The Pensacola Bay Area’s award-winning Gulf Breeze Zoo is home to more than 1200 exotic animals, many of them threatened and endangered. Through admissions and animal encounters, each guest contributes to the conservation programs.

The Gulf Breeze Zoo opens at 9 a.m. daily and is located just off Highway 98. Visit for updates, hours, events and more.


About Gulf Breeze Zoo

Gulf Breeze Zoo is one of three zoological facilities operated by the Zoofari Parks Corporation, working in conjunction with the Alabama Safari Park and the Virginia Safari Park to provide aid to over 135 countries around the world.  The Gulf Breeze Zoo is privately owned and receives no state or federal tax support. Funding for conservation programs are made possible through the continued support of zoo guests. Conservation is fundamental in our daily operations and visitors are encouraged to join us in making a difference on this journey.







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