Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise Introduces SunPass PRO to Mid Bay Bridge Commuters

by Katie King |Katie@ewbullock.com


Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise Introduces SunPass PRO to Mid Bay Bridge Commuters

Niceville, Fla. (June 23, 2021) – It’s well known that Florida drivers can save time and money with SunPass, and now they can enjoy seamless travel from Florida to Maine and west to Illinois with SunPass PRO, too.

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) is launching SunPass PRO™, a new portable transponder that can be used everywhere E-ZPass is accepted across 18 states, including the Mid Bay Bridge.

The brand-new SunPass PRO™ will cost $14.95, plus tax, and offers customers several benefits, including parking at most international airports in Florida, with more locations to come.

Locally, the SunPass PRO™ can be purchased at CVS Pharmacies, Walgreens, Publix, and at the Mid-Bay Bridge Administration Office at 1200 White Point Road in Niceville, Fla., or online at www.SunPass.com, or by calling 888-TOLL-FLA (888-865-5352).

SunPass PRO™ is accepted in the following states: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Rhode Island, Indiana, Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maine, West Virginia, New York, and Ohio.

The existing SunPass Portable and SunPass Mini transponders will continue to be accepted in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. SunPass customers wanting seamless travel within the E-ZPass network will need to upgrade to the SunPass PRO™.

Find out more information about SunPass PRO at www.sunpass.com. For questions regarding the SunPass Program, please visit SunPass FAQ.

To learn more about Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, please visit www.FloridasTurnpike.com.

About the Mid-Bay Bridge Authority
The Mid-Bay Bridge Authority is a dependent special District of the State located in Okaloosa County, created in 1986 by the Florida Legislature to finance, build, and oversee a bridge across Choctawhatchee Bay along with roads connecting to it.  The Authority has five voting members, appointed by the Governor and the District Three Secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation, or his/her designee, who serves as a non-voting member.  An Executive Director and staff manage day-to-day administration of the Mid-Bay Bridge Authority.


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