Commercial Door Systems Website Launch

by Leslie Perino |

When One Door Closes… Build a Bigger, Automatic One.
Commercial Door Systems Website Launch

EW Bullock recently developed a new website for Commercial Door Systems, a Pensacola-based company that specializes in maintenance and installation of automatic doors. COVID-19 created increased demand for their expertise in this area and we revamped their website to make the related products easier for their customers to find and understand.

Commercial Door Systems also offers sales, service and maintenance for all types of commercial doors as well as Division 10 specialties such as bathroom partitions and fire extinguisher cabinets. Basically, anything you’d ever need to know about commercial-scale doors, door locks, and accessories – they are the experts.

To create the new website design and give it a more personal feel, EW Bullock streamlined the site and included photos of the CDS team in action doing what they do best: keying, locksmithing, installing automatic doors, maintenance and repair work, even welding door frames.

Overall, we think it turned out pretty cool. Check it out at



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