Butler Land & Timber Snags 420 Leads In Two Weeks

by Leslie Perino |Leslie@ewbullock.com

Just A Few Taps Can Lead to Great Things
Butler Land & Timber Snags 420 Leads In Two Weeks

Your customers are looking for you. Why not land in the palm of their hands as efficiently as possible?

With Facebook’s Lead Generation ads, filling out forms have never been more welcomed. For Butler Land & Timber, EW Bullock created and launched sponsored carousel ads promoting a few of their properties for sale for a quick, two-week run. Targeted to adults interested in land, property, hunting, fishing, etc. living within or near the available acreages for sale, we snagged 420 leads in total. Several of those leads turned into the actual buyers of the advertised land.

Success stories like these make us feel good knowing our client is collecting legitimate leads, making sales and growing their brand. We like to think of it as us making the assist for their slam dunk.


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