Major Improvement and Expansion Project Coming to Holley Navarre Water System, Inc.

By Katie King –

April 4, 2016 –Holley-Navarre, Fla. – A $21.5 million capital improvement plan has been approved by the Board of Directors for Holley Navarre Water System Inc. (HNWS) in order to meet the utility’s growing customer base and continue to supply adequate water pressure to its 14,000 current customers.

To pay for these much needed improvements, a rate increase is necessary and will go into effect on May 1, 2016.

The last rate increase was enacted in 2011. Since that time, HNWS has experienced a 10.5 percent customer growth, bringing the current water system to maximum capacity.
A five-year master improvement plan, developed by HNWS management and a group of engineering consultants, calls for extensive infrastructure construction. The essential improvements include creation of a treated wastewater pipeline into the Eglin Reservation and major disposal facility for the wastewater system. The plan also requires a considerable expansion of the water system, including a large storage facility and booster pumping station.

These essential improvements should be sufficient for at least 20 years of projected growth while at the same time maintaining the quality of services provided to current customers.
As HNWS’ customer base continues to grow, demand on the system has become strained to the point that, without the improvements, HNWS may be forced to cease providing wastewater connections to new customers in the very near future. Moreover, without new infrastructure, HNWS will be unable to supply water at adequate rates and pressure and will fail to meet the stringent quality and environmental standards imposed by federal and state regulators.

The HNWS rate increase was also prompted by a $400,000, or 25 percent, annual increase imposed by Fairpoint Regional Utility System, which supplies water for HNWS and other water systems in the region.

Starting May 1, 2016, the average water system customer will see a $4.90 monthly increase. The average water and wastewater system user will see an overall increase of $12.57 per month.

The new rates will be:

Water Rates:                                                  Wastewater Rates:

Base Rate – $4.70                                          Base Rate – $24.68

<10,000 Gal/1,000 – $4.05                          Per 1,000 Gal $3.82

>10,000 Gal/1,000 – $4.99

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