Visit Pensacola Multicultural Guide – Sharing the Many Faces of Pensacola

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Katie King
EW Bullock Associates


Visit Pensacola Multicultural Guide
Sharing the many faces of Pensacola
Visit Pensacola came to us with a pretty tall order – create a guide that tells the story of Pensacola’s diversity by neighborhood, and work in mentions of people, places and events that have been shaped by Pensacola’s multicultural heritage, and keep it to a manageable size.
Sure, we can do that. We had to think about it for a bit and work the pieces of the puzzle, but it all came together beautifully. It involved collaborating with local freelance writer Louis Cooper, a good amount of content research and a whole lot of time searching for just the right images. We’re proud of the finished product and think it represents the community well.


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