Research Driven Strategy: Pensacola Energy 

by Leslie Perino |

 Research Driven Strategy:

Pensacola Energy 

A 2019 Pensacola Energy consumer research study facilitated by EW Bullock showed that one of the barriers for getting homeowners to consider switching to natural gas is that they simply did not know if service was available to their home. To address this problem, EW Bullock developed social media and digital tactics that have proven to be a winning strategy.

A Facebook lead-generating campaign was launched with a “Is Natural Gas Available In My Area?” message and a “find out” call to action. Respondents were prompted to provide their street address and contact information directly into the form associated with the ad.

 A home page feature with the same messaging was added to the Pensacola Energy website and linked to a new form in which the respondent provided their street address and contact information.


Pensacola Energy team members promptly responded to these inquiries and provided the status of natural gas availability.

The campaign is showing promising results in the first month, delivering 175 leads. Facebook advertising delivered 146 of the leads and the new website features delivered 29 leads.

• 52% had natural gas service readily available and have been connected with Pensacola Energy representatives to assess their needs and learn about available conversion rebates.
• 20% could receive gas service with a main extension and Pensacola Energy offered to do free neighborhood surveys to determine the viability of a main extension.
• 28% were in areas where Pensacola Energy service was not available.

Advertising is really about problem solving. These simple tactics have proven to be an effective solution for educating homeowners on the awareness of natural gas availability, and for generating new customers for Pensacola Energy.

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