Halloween Pub Crawl: Let the Ghoul Times Roll

by Katie King |Katie@ewbullock.com

Halloween Pub Crawl: Let the Ghoul Times Roll

To help out the beach businesses this fall during shoulder season, EW Bullock is working with the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce to introduce and promote their inaugural Halloween Pub Crawl, which takes place on Saturday, Oct. 30, starting at 2 p.m. on the island. Featuring a dozen participating beach bars, restaurants and hotels – each brewing up their very own potions and concoctions for guests to imbibe on.

“Our St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl is such a success every spring that we felt we should do another crawl in the fall,” said Christine Brewster, chair of the Pensacola Beach Chamber. “And what better excuse than Halloween for people to dress up in costume and have fun on the beach?”

EW Bullock crafted a marketing plan for the new event using public relations and social media marketing  tactics. Interest in the new event is already ramping up with more than 306 responding that they are interested or going to attend.

Our team also designed a 20 oz. tumbler with a spider-web themed map of all the participating businesses which will be for sale during the event, and designed the poster and creatives to illustrate all of the above!

Examples include:

  • Poster


  • Tumbler


  • Print Ad


  • Social Media Marketing




For more information about the Halloween Pub Crawl, click here.








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